Welcome to Intentional.Family!

Welcome to the intentional.family website and blog! Thank you for taking the time to check us out.

This website and blog is designed for families who want something more out of life than just getting by. Our goal is to connect with families who want to make their dreams of a good family life a reality! We want to partner with families who believe they can have a good family life. 

The intentional.family website was created by the Intentional Family Project team. We combined our years of studying and working with families with real-life applications from Intentional Families to provide families a resource where you can find information on how to live a good family life. 

The Intentional Family Project has interviewed families who do life differently. Families who were living life in pursuit of a purpose. These Intentional Families aren’t perfect, but they do know who they are and where they are going. They aren’t just hoping for a good family life — they are making it happen!

We are inviting you to become an Intentional Family. A family who lives life on purpose to become the family they hoped they would become.

Our greatest desire is to help you get there. Through the intentional.family website, you will receive:

  • An introduction to the 4-step Intentional Family Process, uniquely designed by our team to help you become an Intentional Family,
  • Real-life examples of Intentional Families who are moving through the Intentional Family Process, and
  • Access to tools and resources uniquely selected and designed to help you successfully navigate the Intentional Family Process.

Additionally, each month we will offer new resources as you progress through the Intentional Family Process, including:

  • A unique blog article outlining a specific part of the Intentional Family Process,
  • A monthly challenge on our social media to help you engage more deeply in the Intentional Family Process,
  • Encouragement and support to keep you engaged in the Process, and
  • Reminders to keep you accountable to the Process.

We invite you to join us on the journey! To stay connected with the Intentional Family Team, follow our IF Blog, stay tuned for upcoming Events, and connect with us on Social Media

To take the next steps with the Intentional Family Process, check out what makes The Intentional Family Difference.

We’re looking forward to the journey!

The Intentional Family Project Team, Nicole & Karen

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