4 Steps to Cultivate Your Family Identity

Becoming an Intentional Family is a 4-step process. We use the word process rather than project on purpose. Projects are started and then completed. But family life is not a project. We do not start and then finish a family. Our family continues with us throughout our lives. Being an Intentional Family is to continually walk through these four steps.


As you engage in the Intentional Family Process, you will be invited to:

This first step leads your family through the process of identifying who you want to be as a family by identifying your core family values.

The next step will encourage you to create clear family goals that will help you achieve your identity, including creating rhythms and identifying resources that help you achieve those goals.

In this step, you will be provided the resources and ideas needed to start and continue your unique Intentional Family plan.

This step gives your family the techniques and tools needed to measure and celebrate your growth and achievement over time as an Intentional Family.

Being an Intentional Family lasts a lifetime. So we want you to choose the pace of how you walk through these four steps. We are here to help you work through these steps as you become the family you’ve always wanted to be.

As you continue through this process, do not feel like you need to do everything, especially the first few times through the Intentional Family Process. This can be overwhelming. Start small—pick a few things that speak to where your family is at now. As you gain momentum as a family, you can add and adjust as you continue to journey through the Intentional Family process.

As you get started, we recommend reading the secrets of successful intentional families. These are tips that we have learned from interviews with Intentional Families. You are now ready to embark on the Intentional Family Process!

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