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Dr. Karen K. Melton is an associate professor in Child & Family Studies. She is director of the HOPE research lab, where her research focuses on the Healthy Outcomes of Positive Experiences.  In the past 5 years at Baylor, she has focused on the process and outcomes of family time—that is the routines, rituals, and recreation of families. In her short tenure at Baylor, she has become a leading expert of family time as she has created two theoretical models and advanced the methodology of family time research. She is married to Kyle, and they have one daughter, Sloane. Their family values are moderation, celebration, and sanctification. They enjoy being an intentional outdoor family and go camping 8 times a year.

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Dr. Nicole M. McAninch is a clinical associate professor in Child & Family Studies. Over the past 10 years at Baylor, she has dedicated her academic career to the professional development of emerging adults and relationship well-being through family life education. She writes and presents on issues related to child and family ministry, family resource management, and family well-being.  She is married to Chad, and they have three children: two daughters, Catelin and Callie, and a son, Caleb. Their family values are authenticity, generosity, courage, peace, and joy. They embrace intentional family living through purposeful rhythms of ordinary, daily life.

The IF Team is supported by a group of hard-working research and family life education undergraduate assistants. Their dedication to the Intentional Family Project is a significant asset to the development of resources for Intentional Families.

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