This section is designed to provide you with tangible resources needed to put your Intentional Family Plan into action. The IF Team has identified and created the tools you find below to offer some of the best resources currently available for living your Intentional Family life. 

Identity and Values Tools

Knowing Core Family Values is vital for any family on the Intentional Family journey. We have created the Core Family Values worksheet to help you ask questions that will jumpstart a conversation about what is important to your family. We invite you to use this resource, What’s Important to My Family, developed by the Barrett Values Centre. The activity worksheet is designed to engage your entire family in the process of identifying and selecting core family values.

Crafting a family mission statement is helpful to any family journeying the Intentional Family Process. Family mission statements serve as helpful reminders for families on who they are, what is important to them, and the long-term goals they are trying to achieve.
To craft your own family mission statement, one of the best resources we have found is the Mission Statement Builder found on the Franklin Covey website. Here, you will find some examples of family mission statements excerpted from Stephen Covey’s book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, found on our IF Library bookshelves!

Goal Setting Tools

Setting clear, attainable goals is an important step in moving your family dreams to reality. We have created the Dreams to Goals Worksheet to process through the WHY and HOW of achieving your dreams. See more about the importance of setting goals in STEP TWO of the Intentional Family Process.

Assessment Tools

The quizzes below are designed to give your family a launching point for discussing and developing your Intentional Family plan. These quizzes are designed to give your family a frame of reference for where you currently are as a family, so you can get to where you want to be!

Intentional Family Capacity Quiz
-Coming Soon- Known as the “IF Cap,” this quiz was developed by the IF Team as a way of measuring your current intentional practices. The IF Cap can be helpful for illuminating your family’s current strengths, as well as clarifying needed places for improvement.

Family Thriving Assessment
Adapted from the Scandrette’s book, Becoming & Belonging, this self-assessment leads you through seven dimensions of thriving family life.

Resource Management Tools

Spending Plans are helpful tools for families because they help us spend our money on purpose with our values and goals in mind. This online tool developed by the University of Illinois Extension Office is a simple, easy-to-use resource for pulling together a beginning spending plan.

Debt Reduction Planners are useful tools for families as they consolidate financial information and help create visual reminders for financial goals. This debt reduction planning article by Financial Best Life provides information and tools for optimizing and achieving your financial goals.

Shared Family Calendars keep your family on-track with your Intentional Family plan by coordinating how you schedule and track your family time. Check out this article by Farm Bureau Financial Services that describes 5 family scheduling apps you may want to check out for your family.

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