As you begin your journey to becoming an Intentional Family, we want to make sure you have the tools and resources needed in order to fully engage in the 4-step Intentional Family Process. Below, you will find links to resources — books, assessments, events, and more — all with the goal of helping you become an Intentional Family.


The website provides the basic outline of the 4-step Intentional Family Process. Through our blogs, we connect you with stories, resources, and tips designed to deepen your experience on the Intentional Family journey.


Want to know what is on our bookshelves? Here is your chance to find out! We have listed some of the most influential books and resources we have found to be useful on the Intentional Family journey. Be sure to check back with our Library over time as we add more to the shelves.


This website is designed to provide online support and encouragement for families, but sometimes you need some face-to-face encouragement! Check out our events page to learn about upcoming seminars and workshops on the Intentional Family Process. Need more information? Feel free to connect with us. Site Map

Need to find a page? This resource is designed to provide you with easy navigation of our website’s pages and resources.

We encourage you to check back with our Resources pages over time as we continue to add blogs, books, events, and more!

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